I was born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in a small village on the west coast of Finland. From an early age I've been experimenting with moving images and I am honoured to now pursue my passion as a profession. I work as a freelance director and cinematographer on both commercial and independent film and television productions throughout the world.

Johannes Östergård - filmmaker

Burn Energy - Trailblazers
Relentless - Permanent Vocation
Burn Energy - Human /Machines
Viking Line - Summer on M/S Grace
Burn Energy - LWYBF
GoPro - Nine Knights
Viking Line - Viking Grace Launch
GoPro - Course Preview
Burn Energy - Flowing Around
Från Jord till Bord
Kallt & Vått
Underlandet Kanada
Underlandet Big in Japan
Documentary - Tarfala
Documentary - Being Here
Documentary - Bland Vågorna
Personal Project - Nybondasgrund
Documentary - Like in Old Glorious Times
Documentary - Sami, me and Germany