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Burn Trailblazers

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Burn Trailblazers

Director & Director of Photography: Johannes Östergård

The world is what you make of it. Lead or be led. Two paths. You choose

Trailblazers is the story of a few friends, all pro snowboarders, who chose to create their own destiny and ended up on the trip of a lifetime. Different people with different backgrounds united by a common attitude. 

5 x 5 min. web series. Watch the whole series and click here.

Featuring  Sven Thorgren, Len Jørgensen, Zebbe Landmark, Anton Bilare, Jonas Steen and olympic silver medalist Ståle Sandbech

Producer and Co-Director: Les Seddon-Brown
Additional camera and aerial cinematography: Chris Kirkham
Unit producer: Ed Leigh
Still Photography: Anton Sucksdorff